Sunday, October 28, 2012


This year the weather was perfect for trick-or-treating!  We had on a few layers, but no umbrellas or winter jackets so we were happy little spooks!  The goal this year was to get lots of candy and get it fast.  Good thing I had on my new super fast Iron Man shoes that even lit up to help us find our way.  We ran from door to door getting all the candy we could.  A lot of houses simply left their bowls of candy outside which was nice because then we got to pick our favorite things.  We stopped by one of our favorite houses along our route where little miss Rapunzel scored a hot dog, but I was too busy checking out their magic broom to have time for real food.  Jack and I led the way on our adventure, with Lily following close behind.  She did occasionally take some breaks to ride in her "carriage", but she managed to hop in and out quickly enough to keep up with us.  Peter, Andrew, and Charlotte fared pretty well too, and Nora even managed to make it up to a few doors even though she couldn't have any candy.  After filling our bags we enjoyed some dinner at Susan and Bill's and of course organized all of our candy.  We're getting so good at this that we are already planning for next year!  

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