Friday, January 17, 2014

Princess Party

It's that time of year again...time for the annual mother-daughter princess party!  This year I had a tough decision in regards to fashion...match my BFF or go out on my own and wear something totally different.  I ended up going out on my own simply due to the fact that my matching Rapunzel gown was pretty beat up; but my Belle gown worked out just fine, and I even matched one of the actual princesses at the party.  We enjoyed making tiaras and decorating cookies.  Sneaky Gaston made an appearance this year as well, and we had to keep chasing him out of the ballroom.  There were fancy desserts in real glass cups, and movies and music playing all night long.  I was the expert in song identification naming every song they played and which movie it is from.  Around 8:00 pm, which we heard is really midnight in little kid time, we had to sneak out of the festivities before turning into pumpkins.  WE enjoyed our magical evening though, and are already planning for next year!

Man Down

Mom received the dreaded phone call from school today...your son has been injured.  Lucky for me it wasn't severe enough to warrant a trip to the doctor or even an early pick-up by Mom, but it was a bit scary for a little bit.  I ended up being bumped into during recess, which usually isn't a big deal, but considering I was standing on ice, the end result was a tumble in which I fell flat on my face.  It was pretty bloody from what I hear, and I was screaming pretty loud in pain, but in the end they cleaned me up quite nicely.  I informed Mom that it was a good thing I have a nose because it saved the rest of my face from near disaster.  The injury got me lots of attention from the girls too, and I actually think my war wounds give me character.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for any more falls in the near future, but in the end I survived, and I'm a little tougher because of it!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

American Girl Doll Tea Party

What is one to do now that I have my very own American Girl Doll...well, go to an American Girl Doll tea party of course!  My BFF (who also just happened to get an American Girl Doll for Christmas) invited Rosa and me to a tea party at Elite here in Mequon.  We got all dolled up (no pun intended) and enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

We started off New Year's Eve determined yet again to make it to midnight, although Lily had already pretty much written herself off, since she has yet to make it during any prior celebrations.  We filled our tummies with ribs, where I took the award for the cleanest bones, and then took in a movie (Monsters University) before settling in for the ball drop.  We pulled out the pull-out bed, which is always a treat, and we're ready to go.  At least that was the plan, until I passed out around 11:30 pm.  Lily made it this year, not falling asleep until 12:15 am.  She was so proud of herself!  I woke around 6:00 am frantic because the ball never dropped.  After running to tell Mom, she informed me that I had fallen asleep and missed the whole thing so I climbed into bed with her and slept off my sorrow.  When I awoke around 9:00 am or so Mom shared with me a video of the ball dropping, and I settled with the fact that I didn't make it and it was officially 2014.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to try again next year.  Happy New Year to all of our family and friends!