Thursday, May 31, 2012


This t-ball thing is serious me that is. With Lily it may be another story...only time will tell. We did get our shirts and hats today which put a smile on both of our faces, and what made us even happier was that I received #8 and Lily #7 which just happen to be our favorite numbers. Hopefully this good luck is a sign of good things to come for the Hawks!

One Down, A Lot To Go

All good things must come to an end, but the good news is that we have at least fourteen more years of this so we aren't completely devastated. Today marked the end of our first year of school. Our amazing teacher, Mrs. Otero, and our aides, Mrs. Roels and Mrs. Kallas, held a party at a nearby park to celebrate the year, and what a year it was. We learned so much this year, and I think we taught our teachers a few things along the way as well. I helped them understand that you can never use too much of the color orange, and I impressed them with my analytical way of thinking. Lily taught them that painting is the best form of art (and it is okay to get a bit of paint on yourself as well), and she loved sharing her sense of style, especially with Mrs. Roels. We also made some great friends during the year, and all of them are continuing on to 4K with us next year. We will definitely miss our teachers, the different centers the teachers would surprise us with, and jumping out of the car to see what the new school day would bring. It will be tough to beat the year we had, but with one year now in the books, we can't help but look forward to 4K. We love school here in our world!

Ryan's May School Art

Our last and final month of 3K and there was no slowing down. The themes for the month included flowers, pond life, bugs, and bubbles which are just a few of our favorite things! We even made caterpillars which we had to water and watch grow...mine is of course the one with orange. After nine action packed months, we've built up quite an art collection here in our world!

Lily's May School Art

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Although it was a working weekend up at the cottage, we managed to squeeze in a little fun. Fishing was #1 on our list and we both managed to catch a few bluegills and perch. My photo was of me catching some weeds, but I was just as pleased with the weeds as with the fish. We met our new cousin, Moose, but I think Wrigley and I were just fine when he had to leave early considering he bit us both in the behind. Wrigley was the only one crazy enough to go swimming. Even though it was warm all weekend, the water was freezing, but I was okay with that considering there was so much other fun stuff to do. We cruised around in the Jeep, and I even managed to convince Uncle Robb to give me a ride on the four wheeler. AJ, Bubba, Reid, Elizabeth and I played a little baseball, while Lily quietly observed from the sidelines. We ate everything in sight and I think my tongue was every shade of the rainbow at some point during the weekend. My favorite food was the smores, with Elizabeth's birthday cake and the Dora popsicles coming in a close second and third. Oh, and I forgot about the rainbow sherbet from the candy store...that may have tied for first. We also found enough animals to start our own zoo. We caught frogs and lightning bugs, snakes and ticks. We saw geese and muskrats, loons and snapping turtles. We even found a baby turtle and after much deliberation decided on the name Squirt John Williams. Grandma surprised us all with new Under Armour shirts, and the boys were pretty excited to all be matching in orange. Lily wasn't quite as excited, but once she got her shirt on she wouldn't take it off so I think she secretly liked it. Considering the grownups were so busy all weekend, we cousins managed to have all sorts of fun adventures here in our world!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let The Games Begin

Tonight we began another new adventure here in our world, T-Ball. Lily bravely joined me on this adventure, which is a bit out of the ordinary for her considering she is usually twirling and spinning at ballet, but that doesn't mean she didn't enjoy herself. She impressed the coaches with her throwing and speed and managed to spin her way through almost the entire practice. I was the hitter of the group and surprised the coaches with my ability to switch hit. Overall, I'd say our first practice went well and the Hawks are going to be quite the contenders in the Saukville Youth Baseball League. We weren't perfect, but at least our coaches weren't yelling "stop eating your glove" and no one got hit by a ball like some of the other teams who were practicing. Our uniforms arrive next week and after that no more practice...let the games begin!

The Bubble Man

Today was an exciting day at school because we had a very special visitor, the Bubble Man! He blew round bubbles, square bubbles, big bubbles, and bubbles inside of bubbles! After the show he took us outside so we could be "bubble blowers" and "bubble poppers". We took each roll quite seriously, although I think I enjoyed being a "bubble popper" a little bit more. Lily liked being a "bubble blower" and she got so good at it that by the end she was double fisting it. We are officially bubble masters here in our world!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Resourceful Rats

Mom has been cleaning out our garage as of late, and she seems to be getting rid of lots of stuff that we've outgrown.  She keeps telling us that the cozy coupes are next on the list of things to go being that we have to squeeze into them, but we proved to her that we aren't quite ready to let go yet.  We're just being resourceful little rats here in our world!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mom's Person

Mom's person, Erin, came all the way from Oregon to visit us for a few days this week and it was three days of nothing but fun! We enjoyed a few of our favorite activities (a trip to the zoo) as well as a few new favorites (using chopsticks). It is always an adventure here in our world!