Friday, November 29, 2013

The Start of the Holiday Season

The start of the holiday season has officially arrived here in our world.  With a few days off we headed down to Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving, and then Christmas with the Rivera side of the family.  We caught up with a lot of our cousins on Thursday, and welcomed a new cousin, Grace Elizabeth, on Friday.  We spent time with Marc on Friday as well, teaching him all about building forts and playing Angry Birds (two very important life skills).  We were finally able to give Gigi and Pop Pops the cool platter we made for them as well, and good thing because we couldn't keep it a secret any longer.  We dove head first into all of our gifts, and with a little help from Titi Molly and Uncle Craig we were well on our way to a fun day of play with all of our new stuff.  If this trip is an indication of how the holidays are going to go this year, I'd say we're in for a good time!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Star of the Week

One of the highlights of 5K is the week you are chosen to be Star of the Week.  It is an entire week designated to you and only you, and who doesn't like being the center of attention for a whole week?!?!  I was Star of the Week October 28-November 1 and Lily is Star of the Week this week, November 18-November 22.  The week includes bringing in yourself, made entirely by yourself.  We had so much fun coloring our bodies, and both of us received tons of compliments for all of the details we included in our drawings.  The rest of the week you get to bring in pictures the cover your whole life,  items for the estimation jar, something for the mystery box, and your favorite stuffed animal.  The week ends with a visit from our parents along with a bag filled with anything and everything about us that we get to share with the class.  Our parents even get to read our favorite book to the class.  We love sharing a little bit of our world with our class!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Documenting 6 Years

Being that we are already on the fourth day of our sixth year we figured we'd better get moving on taking our pictures.  As crazy as it sounds, we really didn't have anything planned this year.  We literally woke up this morning to sunny, warm for fall weather, and Mom decided that today would be the day.  She dug through our closets, and after two outfit attempts on me, and more than I can count on one hand on Lily we were ready to go.  We decided on a location while getting on the highway, and promised Mom we'd make it work no matter what it took (being bribed with Starbucks hot chocolate helped a bit though).  The result was over 500 pictures which Mom whittled down to 62 to be exact.  We thought we'd give you a glimpse of a select few, and share a bit of our sixth year here in our world!