Monday, June 28, 2010

Bigger Does Mean Better

Being that we are down to one small pool, Mom decided that we needed to find something a little bigger so that we could have a little elbow room. This is what we found, and today we gave it a test run. We had to cut the test short due to rain, but the new pool quickly passed with flying colors. Lily spent more time trying to fill it up than she did in the water. She had it set in her mind that because the sun wasn't out it was too cold to swim, and she made sure to let us know every time she went down the slide by yelling "brrrr" as she would get out. Mom offered to let her go inside, but she refused which just meant more fun in the pool for me so I didn't mind. The weatherman says the rest of the week is supposed to be nice, which we're keeping our fingers crossed for, so we should be able to try it out again soon. Things just keep getting bigger and better here in our world!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Monkeys

Since Mom bought a zoo membership for us we decided we had to get our money's worth. I think three times in three weeks is a good start! Today, our friends, Will and Owen, drove up from Illinois to meet us. We were like four little monkeys running, climbing, swinging, and jumping around the zoo. We were worn out by morning's end, but we're ready to go back again soon.

The "Green" Elephant

Here is a picture of something that you haven't seen in awhile, my green potty. There is only a picture of the potty, because it wouldn't be nice to show you the surprise I left inside for Mom. That's right, I went poopy on the potty all by myself! You can shout, jump up and down, or dance now; whatever you feel is necessary to celebrate this huge milestone in my life. Up until now I have been satisfied with diapers, so much so, that recently I told Mom that diapers would be good forever. Well, tonight, I had a change of opinion, and I must say it was pretty exciting seeing what evolved after I told Mom what I had done. It only took Lily a week and a half to master this skill, and I'm not promising anything here, but you gotta start somewhere right?!?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Fish

If we could be any animal in the world we would be fish, specifically a pink and orange fish. Since that is impossible, we'll just swim whenever we get the chance and pretend we are fish. Swimming on hot days involves popsicles too, and this is where being a toddler has it's advantages, because I don't think fish can eat popsicles, specifically pink and orange popsicles. Mom even found slow melting popsicles so we could take our good old time eating them and we savored every lick. Now we just need it to be sunny and hot every day, but that would mean we'd have to move back to Arizona, and we know that is impossible. It doesn't hurt to dream here in our world!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Duck

Today brought yet another animal to our personal wildlife sanctuary. Meet baby duck. Mom saw him strolling across our patio this morning, and he is now in a box awaiting pickup from a local wildlife sanctuary. We tried our best to convince Mom that we needed a pet duck, but she didn't listen to our requests. We're taking bets on what animal may show up next here in our world. Any guesses?

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Twins

After a crazy weekend which included a BBQ, the Air & Water Show, and the Lion's Festival we are taking it easy this morning. Good thing too, because had we been gone we would have missed out on meeting the new twins that moved into our neighborhood. We've named them the coolest names in the world of course, Ryan and Lily. They came right up to our back porch to introduce themselves, but were a little shy when we yelled hi. Hopefully they come back and visit soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lion's Fest 2010

On the way home from the Air & Water Show we received a phone call from Susan. We were hoping she was calling to tell us that she had her baby, but instead she wanted us to meet them at the Lion's Fest in Thiensville near our house. That was just as good as a baby in our book so of course we said yes! We had fun riding the train with Jack, although I made Mom ride with me. Daddy and Bill had fun too, racing each other in attempt to win a giant banana, but both fell short, literally (they never made it all the way up the ladder). After some yummy chicken and corn on the cob we played on the play ground and then headed home. We had a long weekend and we're pretty worn out, and to think summer is just beginning here in our world!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cubs Game

Every time we drive by Miller Park we ask Mom when we get to go back since we had so much fun on Opening Day. Today was the day! To top it off, the Cubs were in town so we got to cheer for our favorite team. It was kind of funny because we went with Uncle Steve, Aunt Claire, Morgan, and Elizabeth, and they represented the Brewers (except Aunt Claire, she was on our side.) We enjoyed the game, but our favorite part was again the popcorn and the kid zone. You would have never guessed I was scared of the slide and sausages last time we went either. Today, I flew right down the slide, and I wanted my picture taken with every sausage I could find. Unfortunately the Cubs lost the game, but we just think that gives Mom and Dad a reason to bring us to another game. We love baseball games in our world!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Milwaukee Zoo

We finally made it to the Milwaukee Zoo. Uncle Steve, Aunt Claire, Morgan, and Elizabeth are in town for the next two days so we planned to hang out with them, and the zoo was top on our list.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trains, Trucks, and Tutus

Everyone always tells me that I am ALL BOY. I love Thomas the Train, tools, Hot Wheels, Tonka trucks, and tutus. Yep, that's right, tutus. Lily always gets to run around the house in her cute little tutus, high heels, and tiaras. Tonight, I decided it was my turn. I disappeared for a few minutes into Lily's room, and when I returned to my room I looked good, so good in fact that I asked Mom to take my picture. You all know this is unheard of so enjoy the moment...I know I did!