Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trophy Time

Lily picked out a beautiful dress for our end of the season picnic. You can only imagine how disappointed she was when we found out we needed to wear our tee ball shirts one last time. Everyone was happy in the end though after we received cool trophies for all of our hard work this season.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Run

Today was the last t-ball game of the summer. I am a little upset by this fact, but I'm surviving since I have swim lessons to distract me. Lily, on the other hand, is glad to see it all come to an end. She made sure to go out with a bang though hitting the final home run of the game!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Slippery Fish

We've swam almost every day in our small pool in our backyard so we were looking forward to starting up swim lessons again today in a big pool. We were like slippery fish going through all of the activities. It was nice because we can touch the bottom in the pool even though it is huge. This allowed us to jump around and move easily. Lily of course showed off her underwater skills, while I was content just blowing bubbles. Two more weeks to go and we can't wait!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Door County

Today was awesome as we like to say. We spent the entire day up in Door County just doing whatever we felt like doing. The only planned stop was our first stop of the day - Plum Loco Animal Farm. Here we were able to pet and feed the animals grains and carrots, and there was a whole little play area set up with houses, puzzles, and lawn games. After feeding the animals we took a break to play, that is until Mom realized that none of the pictures Grandma took turned out so we headed back with one more bucket of feed to do it all over again (not that we minded one bit!). We met two pot bellied pigs named Lucy and Lei-Lani. They weren't really in the mood for visitors when we arrived at their pen, but I used my rhinoceros call to get their attention and soon they were up and ready for all of the yummy food we had for them. My snort sure does come in handy every now and then! We were a little bummed when we had to leave, but our bellies were hungry for some grains and carrots of our own so off we went. Our adventures landed us at Julie's Park Cafe where will filled up and then we headed off for a bit of shopping. On the way back down the peninsula we stopped by Wilson's for some ice cream, and finished just as rain clouds started to make their way towards the shore. Oh what a day here in our world!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bay Beach

We made it back to Bay Beach today after two long years. This time around we were a bit braver and a bit taller so we were able to manage a lot of the rides on our own, and we were more willing to try new rides out. We took in a few of our favorites like the race cars and the boats just to get warmed up, but by the end we had tackled the ferris wheel. After careful analysis, we determined that I was now tall enough to ride the bumper cars with Dad. Lily unfortunately missed out by about 1/2", but Mom made up for it by taking Lily to buy popcorn while Dad and I waited in line. We also met up with our old friends, Poky and Willy. If you remember, we rode the exact same ponies two year ago. We even made time for the arcade when we left where I won a red ring and Lily won an army man. It was a busy, but fun few hours. We looking forward to next year when Lily can ride the bumper cars, and we can hopefully try out some more new rides!