Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gone, But Not Forgotten

A letter to Grandpa Wayne:

Why we've never met you is hard for us to comprehend. We've never seen you in person, touched you, or heard your voice, but we know that you are our grandpa. Mommy always tells us when we do something that reminds her of someone else in the family, and your name seems to come up an awful lot. Like whenever I pretend to answer the phone and I say "Yello" instead of "Hello". We think that's a good thing considering we turned out to be pretty amazing kids, and from everything we've heard about you, you were one amazing man. You passed away five years ago today, before we were even a dot on this map of life. Although we never got the chance to meet you we feel like you are a huge part of our lives. Mommy and Daddy share lots of photos and memories of you with us, and we feel lucky to know that we are a part of you. With time we see more and more of you in us. We're bummed that we'll never get to experience one of your whisker rubs, we'll never go for a ride with you on your four wheeler, we'll never share a HUGE bowl of ice cream with you, and you won't be around to teach us how to catch our first fish. We're glad though that Mom and Dad are sharing all of these memories with us, and trust us, we're eating enough ice cream for all three of us. You may be gone Grandpa, but you will never be forgotten. We love you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Organization is Key

Gigi, Pop Pop, Titi Molly, and Uncle Craig came up this weekend to celebrate Easter and help out with some stuff around the house. The big project was organizing Daddy's garage. When we moved in a few months ago everything that didn't have a place, got piled into the third stall of our garage. You can imagine what that looked like, and Daddy decided it was time to get it all cleaned up. I put on my work shirt to look like Pop Pop, and grabbed a few tools, but I didn't work for long due to interest in some new found treasures that were hidden deep beneath all of the stuff. Daddy found one of our tricycles and both of our scooters, and they were just calling our names. Mom warned us that we are headed to buy helmets this week (thanks to me and all of my accidents I'm sure). I'm not a huge fan of things on my head, but I'll deal with it when the time comes. Mom and Gigi also taught us how to play hopscotch with pine cones, and we got in a Spanish lesson while hopping around. We're wondering what else we can organize here in our world!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a wonderful Wednesday, at least by our definition of the term. We were wonderful shoppers, wonderful nappers, wonderful eaters, and wonderful playmates. We were able to spend most of the afternoon outside blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk. We even took a field trip all the way around the house discovering all sorts of new things along the way. Mom surprised us when we came inside with some of her stuff she used to use when she was a working mommy. Our favorites were the horn and the echo microphones. Lily and I put on quite a show singing songs for Mommy, and Lily tried to play along with the horn. Hopefully tomorrow will be a terrific Thursday in our world!

Monday, March 22, 2010

3 Strikes and I'm Out

Pillows and duct tape, bubble wrap, or a helmet...Mom hasn't decided yet what I am going to have to wear after my latest incident. I fell yet again, and this time the result was a cut and a black eye. No stitches this time though which is good news considering my face is pretty beat up right now. Just trying to heal (x 3) here in our world!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping and Shadows

Today was my kind of day so I guess I get to talk yet again! After a busy morning driving our Cozy Coupes around we took nice long naps to gear up for an afternoon of shopping. Mom succeeded in adding a few pieces to both my and Ryan's summer wardrobes (I think I came out ahead though by like 3 or 4 items since girls' clothes are so much cuter than boys', at least that's what Mom says), and I scored these really cool rainbow sunglasses. I love them and insisted on wearing them around the house when we got home along with my new apron Grandma Jackie got me.
When it came time for bed, I discovered a new friend, "shadow Lily". I've seen my shadow before, but for some reason tonight I seemed to take notice of it, and let me tell you, it was cool. There are so many fun things in our world!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion

March has been relatively warm up until we saw the weather report last night. Today it was in the 60s and wonderful...by the weekend it is supposed to be back in the 30s and there is a chance of snow. What's up with that? I think Mother Nature is teasing us by giving us such warm temperatures this week. We aren't complaining though, after all, we did get to play outside almost everyday for the last week. The hard part is that we had finally accepted the fact that Frosty was gone until next year, and now they are saying it may snow again. I guess the crazy weather is just a fact of life here in our world!

Monday, March 15, 2010


We thought we'd give Mommy an idea of what it would be like to have triplets today. Our friend, Jack, who is exactly 6 weeks younger than us, spent the afternoon at our house and we had a blast playing outside since it hit 50 degrees today. We pulled out almost every toy in our garage, and the fun didn't end until I landed my behind in a puddle of mud, literally. I'm proud to say Mom made it through the afternoon in one piece, but we tried to give her a run for her money in our world!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Sunday


Since Dad was gone for most of the day yesterday the four of us had a lot to get in today. We had one less hour to do it in too because of some crazy thing called Daylight Savings Time...who invented that??? After our Sunday pancake breakfast and a little play time, we went down for an early nap. Lily succeed in this task, I on the other hand did not. I managed pretty well for the rest of the day though so Mom and Dad don't have much to complain about. After nap we met Dad for the Milwaukee Wave soccer game downtown. We had a blast and I convinced Dad that I needed a horn. He couldn't just buy me something though so Lily got this cool maraca that lights up. Score! Mom did have to take away half of my horn after both Lily and I crushed some guy in front of us. We managed to have fun with it whatever the size though, and we did our part to cheer on the Wave. After the game we headed to Dad's clinic so I could get my stitches out. Getting them out was more traumatic them getting them put in, but it is over now so we don't have to talk about it anymore. Finally, we were off to the mall for new shoes, tennis shoes to be exact. We burned off the last of our energy chasing each other around the store, and then went home to eat, take a bath, and head to bed. It was a busy Sunday here in our world!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I've decided it is my turn to talk since that is what I do best!  I know this picture was posted previously, but now that it is what I would call beautiful, I think it deserves a second posting.  I'm not sure what I like more, the fact that Wrigley is in it, or the fact that the only color you see is pink and that is my favorite color.  It is a tough decison, but I'm going with Wrigley!  I could devote pages and pages to my Wrigs (that is what I most often refer to him as).  After Mom, Wrigley is my dog.  I tell him daily that I love him, and I'm always throwing his bunny or tennis ball because I know he loves to play catch.  Notice it isn't fetch...he won't drop for me even though I repeatedly say drop in my meanest voice.  I always have to get Mom to say drop before he will give up his toy, but I'm convinced that someday he will learn.  Wrigs is great for cuddling with, giving high fives to, and for licking my fingers after I eat (even though Mom says that might make him sick).  Every time we leave the house, as we drive away, I yell "Goodbye Wrigs".  I want him to know that I'll miss him, but that we'll be back soon.  Wrigley has been sick on and off over the last few months...all of it weird and unexplained.  Mommy has dragged us along on some of his doctor visits, and whenever he gets meds I stand right by him and tell him it's okay.  The doctors can't seem to figure out what is going on, and luckily he hasn't gotten any worse over the last three months.  I'm praying he stays the same old Wrigs for a long time because I'm not ready to stop driving him nuts just yet.    

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Less than 48 hours after my accident occurred, I am back to show you my cool stitches.  The bandaid finally got to me today and I made Mom take it off.  She did buy some new Dora bandaids at the store yesterday though just in case I can't keep my fingers off.  I figured if I had to have something protecting my cut I would want it to be Dora since she is my favorite.  Just showing off war wounds here in our world! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bathtub Wins

First the train won, and now a bathtub beat me up, only this time it isn't the end of the story.  I ended up slipping in the tub tonight when Mom went to grab me to pull me out.  I hit my chin on the edge of the tub, and although it wasn't a bad cut, Mom knew immediately that it required stitches.  After a few quick phone calls, we were dried off, dressed, and ready to go to the hospital.  We dropped Lily off at Jack's house for her first supervised date, and Mom and I were on our way to my first adventure in the ER.  I wasn't the best patient at first, screaming and crying when they took my blood pressure and temperature, but a lot of nice ladies tried to cheer me up by bringing me fun stuff.  One gave me a rocket, another gave me stickers, the third one brought in medicine to take the edge off, and the final one brought a Dora DVD in for me to watch. They had to stick some gel on my chin and cover it with a huge bandaid to numb it.  After waiting for 30 minutes for that to work the nice doctor lady came in to give me three stitches.  The lady who brought Dora in reappeared just in time though with squishy balls and bubbles, and before I knew it the doctor was saying it was time to go home.  Not that I want to go back anytime soon, but overall it wasn't that bad.  I get to take my bandaid off tomorrow and the stitches come out Friday.  The medicine they gave me made me pretty silly too so at least I was able to give Mom and Dad a few laughs after what happened.  Hopefully this teaches me not to fight with stuff anymore in my world!  

Spring Has Sprung

Although it is not official as of yet, we're going with Spring has sprung! The high was in the mid 40's today which feels pretty warm to those of us here in Wisconsin. We know all of you in Arizona will never understand that, but just trust us it is. We spent a good part of the afternoon outside with Mommy and Wrigley. The deer even joined us for awhile until I started screaming and waving at them. Lily took a drive in her cozy coupe to go see Dad at the clinic, and later joined me for some fun splashing in the puddles. Most of the snow is gone, except for the big piles left over from shoveling, and our Frosty lost his head yesterday. Hopefully this warm weather is here to stick around so that we can get back outside and explore more of our world!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Good Things

Gigi and Pop Pop came up to visit this weekend and they brought Lily all sorts of dress up clothes.  I felt the need to take part in the action so I claimed the pink hat as my own.  Sunday we enjoyed lunch at The Chocolate Factory in Cedarburg and then Pop Pop treated us to some ice cream.  Lily and I both enjoyed the Superman multicolored ice cream, but one dish wasn't enough for me and I had to try a few licks of Mom's as well.  We'll never get enough ice cream here in our world!