Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hunting for the Perfect Tree

Today was the perfect day for tree hunting, and this year Wrigley got to join in on the fun running through the tree farm with us looking for a tree that was just right.  We switch off every year with one of us picking the tree and the other helping to cut it down.  This year was my year to find the tree, and after looking at dozens of trees I found "the one".  Somehow I ended up being the one to help cut it down as well, as Lily was too busy running through the field with Wrigley.  We reigned them in just long enough to get a picture, and then they were off again.  Dad and I had to work extra hard this year to get the tree down as it had a really thick trunk.  It was so thick in fact that Dad had to take a break half way through to catch his breath.  Dad managed to get through most of the trunk though, and I finished it off just in time to take Wrigley for a little run myself.  It was a great way to start the Christmas season!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


We spent the day in Illinois giving thanks that we were a few of the select healthy ones who were able to make the celebrations.  Quite a few of our extended family members were knocked out with nasty bugs, including Pop Pops.  We started the celebrations at Gigi's and Pop Pop's exchanging Christmas gifts with Marc and Landon, and then it was off to Titi Maria's and Uncle Angel's for the feast of all feasts where we indulged in turkey, ham, Great-Grandma's taquitos (insert YUM!), green beans, sweet potatoes, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, bread, and last but not least, pumpkin and apple pie (insert another YUM!).  We weren't able to stay super late since Wrigley was stuck at home, but long enough to try a little bit of everything and visit with those healthy enough to make it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Father Daughter Dance

Katelyn and I are not the type to shy away from a party, especially one where we have to get all dolled up in fancy clothes.  Tonight was no exception either as we attended the Father-Daughter Dance for Mequon-Thiensville.  Our dads surprised us with matching corsages as well which were the perfect finishing touch to our outfits.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


One of these things is becoming more and more unlike the other one!  This losing teeth thing definitely takes a lot longer than when we got our baby teeth, but it is a whole lot more fun, blood and all!

Friday, November 7, 2014


With winter like temperatures trying to rear their ugly heads, we decided to be proactive and warm up a bit with some hot chocolate and a friendly game of War.  In the end our tummies were happy, and our game ended in a tie - 26 cards a piece.  Not a bad Friday night if you ask us!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birthday Celebration #3

Our birthday celebrations continued into today with a few family members coming over for some low key fun.  The first to arrive were Gigi and Pop Pops along with Uncle Craig, Titi Molly, Marc, and Landon.  After opening gifts we engaged in a serious game of hide and seek with Pop Pops.  We made sure to make time for lunch as well, and we also made sure to save some room for a cupcake.  Ben and AJ arrived just in time for cupcakes too, and then we were banished outdoors to burn off some of the sugar we've consumed in the last week.  It is always guaranteed to be a good time when cousins are involved, and today definitely proved that to be true!!!  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Party Time

This year we celebrated our birthday in style with some of our friends from school.  Mom and Dad treated us to a birthday party at Splash, and we each got to invite seven friends.  Mom and Dad were somewhat skeptical about combining 16 kids and one giant pool, but it all worked out well and everyone had a blast.  Our themes this year, if you weren't able to tell from the photos, were dolphins and Star Wars.  Quite a combination yet again, but we love to keep Mom on her toes when it comes to her baking us each a cake.  She succeeded this year with some cool cake designs (a dolphin and a light saber), and they must have tasted pretty good too because almost everyone had seconds.  I guess after all of that swimming which included a giant slide, some pool basketball, and a game of Marco Polo we worked up quite an appetite.  We loved everything about the afternoon with our friends, and sent them home with a little treat of our own.  It was awesome to celebrate turning seven with such a huge splash!