Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hunting for the Perfect Tree

Today was the perfect day for tree hunting, and this year Wrigley got to join in on the fun running through the tree farm with us looking for a tree that was just right.  We switch off every year with one of us picking the tree and the other helping to cut it down.  This year was my year to find the tree, and after looking at dozens of trees I found "the one".  Somehow I ended up being the one to help cut it down as well, as Lily was too busy running through the field with Wrigley.  We reigned them in just long enough to get a picture, and then they were off again.  Dad and I had to work extra hard this year to get the tree down as it had a really thick trunk.  It was so thick in fact that Dad had to take a break half way through to catch his breath.  Dad managed to get through most of the trunk though, and I finished it off just in time to take Wrigley for a little run myself.  It was a great way to start the Christmas season!!!

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