Thursday, November 27, 2014


We spent the day in Illinois giving thanks that we were a few of the select healthy ones who were able to make the celebrations.  Quite a few of our extended family members were knocked out with nasty bugs, including Pop Pops.  We started the celebrations at Gigi's and Pop Pop's exchanging Christmas gifts with Marc and Landon, and then it was off to Titi Maria's and Uncle Angel's for the feast of all feasts where we indulged in turkey, ham, Great-Grandma's taquitos (insert YUM!), green beans, sweet potatoes, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, bread, and last but not least, pumpkin and apple pie (insert another YUM!).  We weren't able to stay super late since Wrigley was stuck at home, but long enough to try a little bit of everything and visit with those healthy enough to make it.

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