Monday, September 28, 2009

Rivera Family Pictures

Since we'll be moving soon, we spent the afternoon of September 20 having our two year old pictures taken. Although it was almost six weeks early, it worked out well because we were able to take some family pictures with Gigi, Pop Pop, Titi Molly, and Uncle Craig. Mommy decided to dress us based on our personalities and I think we filled the shoes well. Lily wanted to sleep in her tutu that night so at least I know her outfit was perfect. We enjoyed walking through the woods looking for sleeping deer and playing near the waterfall. We finished just in time to beat the rain and here is what we have to show for it. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picking Pumpkins

Since October is supposedly going to be crazy, Mom and Dad decided to take us to Bengtson's Pumpkin Fest in Homer Glen today just in case we run out of time to pick out pumpkins. We were so glad they did because we had so much fun and Pop Pop, Gigi, and Titi Molly were able to join us too. We aren't sure what the best part was...the pumpkin patch, the train ride, the pig races, the corn on the cob, the petting zoo...we could go on and on. Lily and I decided to switch personalities today too. I played mister tough guy and rode the rides and fed the animals without shedding a single tear, and Lily played little miss shy and was scared to feed the animals. She warmed up after awhile though and good thing because it was an action packed day. We ended the day by choosing our pumpkins and after looking over all of them, I decided to pick one of the smallest ones on the lot. We can't wait to show off our pumpkins at our new house!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Mom and Dad have been packing up our things again over the past few days so I guess that means the countdown has begun again. It is officially 9 days until Mom and Dad close on our new house and 17 days before we move in for good. This will be our fourth move this year so we are excited to finally have our own home. We're trying our best to help Mom and Dad get ready, but as you can see whenever the empty boxes come out it usually results in nothing but trouble. At least we're putting the boxes to good use and we're having lots of fun in the process. We're on the move again in our world!

Monday, September 21, 2009

On the Road Again

Today, Mommy decided to have a play date with her friend, Mollie, who just happens to be Lily's godmother, so we decided to tag along and hang out with our friends, Owen and Will. After a great lunch we literally dove into all of their toys. Owen had me laughing so hard that when Mom said it was time to leave we were pretty bummed. Thanks for a great day guys!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Packers vs. Bears

For those of you who may have forgotten we live in a split household...the boys against the girls...the Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears. Mom and Dad made an agreement before we were born that if they had a girl, she would be a Packer's fan, and if they had a boy, he would be a Bear's fan. We provided them with one of each, hence the split household. Today we were able to display our team colors and hang out in Green Bay while Dad and Uncle Larry, who flew in from Phoenix, went to the game. We didn't get to see much of the game since it didn't start until after our bedtime, but Mom let us stay up for a little while to at least see the kick-off. We love cheering on our teams in our world!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grandpa Jimmy's Birthday

Our Great-Grandpa Jimmy turned 93 today, and seven of his sixteen great-grandchildren (including the two of us) were able to join in on the celebration. We spent part of the evening picking apples in his backyard and playing tag with our cousins, and the other part was spent eating and singing happy birthday to Grandpa. The singing part was the best so much so that I continued singing "Happy Birthday to Jimmy" the whole way home. We are loving birthdays in our world!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rooster Hunting

Today we went rooster hunting with Mom, Grandma Jackie, and Grandma Betty in Door County. Mom was on a mission to find roosters that she could use to decorate our new farmhouse with, and the good news is she succeeded. We had a great day visiting all of the different shops, and we got to eat lunch at Al Johnson's in Sister Bay. The restaurant actually had grass and goats on the cool is that?!? All we have to say is cock-a-doodle-do!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

After nearly six hours in the car, we arrived at Wayne's World Friday night (the cottage Grandpa Wayne built) to spend the long weekend with the Williams family. We were able to go to the infamous pie shop that dad dreams about, the candy store that Ben and AJ can't live without, and to Shea Lake to visit more relatives, and we accomplished all of this by Saturday afternoon. Lily had a great time finding turkey feathers and petting Sunfish, although Wrigley scared the poop out of her literally (she pooped in the potty for the first time) when he decided to fall in the lake. I had a blast hanging out on the dock and finding goldfish (what I call any type of fish I see). It wasn't all fun though...Mom made us haul wood for her, although the campfire that resulted from all of our hard work was pretty cool and HOT. We can't wait to go back up soon and see what else we can discover in our world!