Sunday, May 31, 2015

We've Got Sunshine!

After a chilly, rainy Saturday we've got sunshine!!! This means we spent most of the day outside catching some rays. We had to take a break mid afternoon to return Dad to Georgia (aka drive Dad to the airport), but that was our only break. While Mom finished the lawn and did some planting, Lily and I collected flowers to surprise her with. We also invented a new game which involved us having to drive around. The gator just didn't feel right so we pretended Mom's car was our new ride! Mom caught us in the act, and I think we stirred up some emotions since we are almost halfway to actually getting our real licenses. That will be a day to remember here in our world!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

First Grade Year End Trip

Today we celebrated the end of first grade by taking a field trip to the zoo, and as usual it was me and the girls! You can never go wrong visiting the zoo, and today was no exception. The animals were all out and more active than usual. The peacocks walked around feathers flared, the polar bear was entertaining himself in his pool with a ball, and the penguins were enjoying a nice bath. It was definitely a great trip to take with all of our friends, and a great way to say good-bye to first grade! Only nine more days and we'll officially be second graders!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

We made it back up to the cottage after what felt like forever and a day. We were blessed again with nice weather, and took advantage of every minute. Saturday, Dad took me golfing for the first time with Uncle Robb and Bubba. They all had little faith that I would survive, but I made it through all 18 holes without incident. I was the first to reach par on hole number one, and I even outdrove Daddy on two fairways. I hit it over the water (and in the water), and I even found a snapping turtle. While I was sinking putts on the front and back nine, Lily and AJ were tooling around the lake on the paddle boards and having a water balloon fight. Saturday night was reserved for a BBQ and s'mores and a few trips on the four-wheeler. After all the activity we slept hard and woke up refreshed and ready to go on Sunday. Daddy took AJ, Lily, and me out on the paddle boards. After a quick swim it was then time for the candy store where AJ and I donned matching outfits! No trip to the cottage would be complete without this!!! The rain managed to sneak in late Sunday, but this did not dampen our mood.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Squeeze On In

Great minds think alike, at least they do when the moms' backs are turned!

Monday, May 18, 2015


I managed to knock another tooth out today using a bit of excessive force. Who knew that a bus seat could be so hard? Losing this one may have been a bit premature being that it wasn't super loose; however, I'm kind of known for not having any patience, not wanting to lose, and not being able to sit still so I guess all of these good traits helped me almost catch up to Lily in the tooth race. I managed to score a cool tooth bracelet (to keep my tooth in) for all of my not so hard work as well!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

We celebrated our mom's this year at school by holding Poetry and Punch for our families on Friday.  All of the parents were invited to come in to listen to each first grade student recite a poem they wrote about a topic of their choice.  This was a bit of a challenge for Mom and Dad being that Lily and I are in separate classrooms this year, but our teachers scheduled it so that I went first in my class and Lily went last in her class. This way Mom and Dad could sneak out in the middle and hear both of us.  They then used the divide and conquer method for the punch portion of the event.  Mom hung out in my room with me where she captured Maggie and me hanging out, while Dad stayed in Lily's room.  The rest of the weekend was low key since Dad had been gone for 25 days. We spent time catching up on yard work and then enjoyed dinner with friends and wrapped up the weekend by seeing the new Avengers movie.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gigi and Pop Pops Visit

Gigi and Pop Pops drove up for the day to hang out with yours truly and Lily.  After taking Mommy out for an early birthday lunch we walked the streets of Cedarburg popping into a few of our favorite spots.  Stop #1 was The Cedarburg Popcorn Company where we sampled almost all of their delicious flavors, and we each scored a bag of our own to bring home.  Stop #2 involved candy and fudge at Ashley's Confectionery, and stop #3 was my personal favorite, the Cedarburg Toy Company.  I think Pop Pops secretly enjoyed all of the toys as much as I did, and I managed to walk away with a pretty amazing gyroscope and Lily took home some glow in the dark black light putty.  We also enjoyed some fun backyard time with Gigi and Pop Pops where Pop Pops made us dizzy spinning us in our swings, and Gigi went for a little ride (on my bike).  On top of that we played tennis and chased a lot of bubbles filling up the time with lots of fun stuff here in our world!

Zoo Class

It has been awhile since we've been to the zoo and since we've seen our friend Jack, but today we accomplished both.  We joined Jack for zoo class this morning scultpting a monkey (Lily) and gorilla (Ryan) habitat using pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and model magic.