Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Williams Family Christmas

It almost feels as if the fun is never going to end on Christmas day here in our world.  After a busy morning at our house, we headed up to Grandma Jackie's house to spend Christmas with the Williams family.  This entails endless hours of playing with our cousins, eating way too much food, and tearing open lots of fun presents.  I think we checked off everything else on our wish list and then some by the time we were done with opening gifts.  I got my Hot Wheels track and Lincoln Logs and Lily received her Yippit and swimming Barbie doll.  Lily also received a new purple outfit and pink Under Amour shirt that just happened to match Elizabeth's which resulted in a quick outfit change and another set of twins.  With the night winding down we decided more sugar was in order so we lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Grandma.  She also got in on the fun and made funny faces with her six favorite little people!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

Christmas Morning

I was the first one up this Christmas, and I wasted no time at all running as loudly as possible through the halls and then downstairs to see if a certain someone by the name of Santa had paid us a visit while we were sleeping.  I was soon joined by the rest of the family and Lily and I just stood there in awe as we saw all of the things we had asked Santa for.  Most of our presents were wrapped, but there were a select few that Santa choose not to wrap...my drums, Lily's Barbie house, and our scooters.  Maybe he ran out of time, maybe they were too big; whatever the reason we were okay with it, because seeing them under the tree was awesome!  I immediately started banging on my drums, and Lily had Barbie in every room of the house in no time flat.  Her house even came with a grill and a pool which made her even more excited.  We took one short break before opening any of the wrapped stuff to see if Santa had eaten his cookies.  We found a letter from him thanking us for the milk and cookies, and he confirmed what Mom and Dad had told us the night before...Rudolph really does exist!  Good thing we left an extra carrot.  After wiping out any doubt we may have had regarding Rudolph we rushed back over to the tree to see what else he and Santa had delivered.  We got so many great things that I can't even list it all.  Model cars, a shovel, and a Chicago Bears shirt for me; a make-up case, giant pipe cleaners, and a bracelet for Lily.  Santa even had a few shared gifts under the tree with one of them being pixo beads.  We love using these at school so we were pretty excited to see we now have a set for home as well.  Then it was onto family gifts.  Lily got me the best Angry Birds game ever, and I surprised her with a gymnastics ribbon that she absolutely loved!  Mom and Dad spoiled us big time this year too, and Wrigley even got us electric toothbrushes!  Once all of the presents were opened we jumped right in trying everything out.  I broke open the Angry Birds game first, and Lily got busy making herself beautiful with her new make-up.  We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas morning here in our world!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...three crazy children were nowhere near as quiet as a mouse.  The Eugene family came over again this year to join in our festivities, and after sitting though church we were ready to go.  We enjoyed a great dinner which consisted of a little ham, a few sweet potatoes, a couple pieces of fruit, and a lot of cookies.  We made sure to share some food with everyone though leaving reindeer food (a.k.a. oatmeal, white sugar, and colored sugar) on the front sidewalk to help guide in Santa's sleigh.  We also saved a few cookies for Santa himself; and after much discussion on whether Rudolph really exists or not, we decided to play it safe and leave nine carrots (one for each reindeer).  It was a late night for all involved, but we made sure to catch a little shut eye because we all know that Santa sees you when you're sleeping here in our world!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Frozen Tundra

At the last minute, Daddy had two extra tickets to the Packer's game, and he couldn't think of anyone better than his two favorite rats to bring.  We were so excited to go and had a blast hanging out in the suite.  Uncle Bryce got to come to the game too, and he had the pleasure of riding up in style right between his two favorite people!  The game itself was rather boring...one, it wasn't the Bears playing (at least that's my reason)...and two, the Packers blew the other team away.  One of Daddy's rugby teams was in the suite though and a few of the girls did a great job entertaining us throughout the game.  I have to admit that the hot chocolate bar and cookies and brownies made it all that much better as well!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go Marquette

Go...Go...Go Marquette, Go, Go, Go, Go!  These were the words we were chanting all day as we prepared for our first, and probably only, Marquette game this season.  We did it right though sitting right behind the basket where we could high five all of the players and the Golden Eagle every time they ran by.  It was a great game, and Marquette won which made it even better here in our world!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ryan's December School Art

Along with December came projects about Advent, Christmas, and Mexico.  We made luminarias (Mexican lanterns) and "Advent Loops".  With the loops we cut one off every day to remind us how many days until Jesus' birth.  We learned about St. Lucy (our school's patron saint) and St. Nicholas this month.  St. Nicholas even paid us a visit at school leaving us oranges, candy canes, and gold coins.  We also made a Nativity scene and poinsettias.  We began discussing the Feast of the Three Kinds as well so that we can celebrate it when we come back to school in January.  We have been busy with our ipads during Technology, and this month we worked with the Writing Pad and made cards.  The month was full of music too with our Christmas program being held on December 13.  We practiced a lot, and our hard work paid off because we heard we were the stars of the show!