Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear Santa...

Now that we have accepted the fact that Santa is one of the good guys, we were pretty excited to head up to Cabela's to see him today.  We have been reciting our lists all week in anticipation of this day, and we were ready...that is, until I walked around the corner and actually saw him, red suit and all.  I suddenly decided seeing Santa wasn't such a good idea and that Mom should maybe jump in the sled with me.  This wasn't happening though so up I went making sure to not sit too close, unlike Lily who jumped into his lap.  She wasn't completely fearless though as I watched her little fingers make their way to her mouth which is what she does whenever she gets shy.  After Santa placed his arm around me though, it was all good, and I was ready for the photo.  Neither of us was shy when it came time to recite our lists either - a Barbie House, scooter, makeup case, and Easy-Bake oven for Lily; and a hot wheels track, super fast scooter, and switch n' go dino for me.   Notice I mentioned one less item than Lily...that's because I forgot to spit out drum set...I was devastated!  Luckily, Cabela's was prepared for moments like this, and they had letters to Santa so we could let him know anything we may have forgotten.  Mom helped me spell out drum set, and I even added a thanks for good measure.  Keep your fingers crossed that my letter arrives in time for Christmas!

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