Friday, December 21, 2012

Ryan's December School Art

Along with December came projects about Advent, Christmas, and Mexico.  We made luminarias (Mexican lanterns) and "Advent Loops".  With the loops we cut one off every day to remind us how many days until Jesus' birth.  We learned about St. Lucy (our school's patron saint) and St. Nicholas this month.  St. Nicholas even paid us a visit at school leaving us oranges, candy canes, and gold coins.  We also made a Nativity scene and poinsettias.  We began discussing the Feast of the Three Kinds as well so that we can celebrate it when we come back to school in January.  We have been busy with our ipads during Technology, and this month we worked with the Writing Pad and made cards.  The month was full of music too with our Christmas program being held on December 13.  We practiced a lot, and our hard work paid off because we heard we were the stars of the show!

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