Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BIG or little

With only one week left until Christmas we've been trying to squeeze in all the holiday season has to offer.  Today, Santa surprised us with a visit at school.  We were pretty excited to see him again, as was everyone else in our class, which resulted in a little (or should I say BIG) group hug before he left.  Then, as we were leaving school it just started snowing.  We can't remember ever seeing such BIG snowflakes so we had to try and catch a few.  This didn't last long though because Mom had promised us that we could bake with Lily's new Easy Bake Oven today.  We whipped up a quick batch of the world's smallest red velvet cupcakes, sprinkles and all! The good thing about them being so little was that we each got to try two cupcakes instead of one.  Oh what a day here in our world!

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