Friday, May 30, 2008

7 Months Old

We woke up this morning to mom singing us happy birthday, and telling us she couldn't believe we were 7 months old already. We're beginning to like this birthday every month thing. It was another crazy month for Lily and I with our biggest news being all of the new food we have added to our diet. So far so good and we have liked everything. We know the pears were rough at first, but we've come to like them along with the sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, peaches, green beans, and apples. We are continuing to work on the sippy cup thing and have gotten better, but would just rather chew on the handles sometimes. No teeth yet, but we are still drooling and chewing on everything we can get our hands on. As for clothes, I am in 6-9 month clothes with some of my 12 month outfits fitting me already. Lily is in all 6-9 month clothes, although a few of her tags say 6-12 months. Mom and dad said we are moving better every day. We are sitting independently. I have also started to pull up on things, and I've figured out how to get my knees under me, but I'm too busy gnawing on my hands to do the whole crawl thing yet. I think Lily has decided that crawling is not for her, rolling is. She can roll just about anywhere and fast. Mom and dad have stepped out of the room before and she'll roll behind the coffee table and play hide and seek. We are both still sleeping through the night, averaging about 10 hours probably, but lately we've been testing mom and dad just to make sure they're paying attention. Our adventures for the month included swimming, our first birthday party, and the Phoenix Zoo. Life is so much fun, and we can't wait to see what happens next month!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taste Testing

I was having trouble sleeping so mommy let me help daddy cook dinner tonight. I decided that it was my job to taste test all of the ingredients before hand to make sure that they were good. The pepper and zucchini both got a thumbs up in my book.

Our New Cousin

Our newest cousin, Ava Loren Lechtenberg, was born this morning at 12:45 am. She was 6 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. Her proud mom and dad, Michele and Brian Lechtenberg, are doing great! For those of you who don't know, Michele is daddy's first cousin. We can't wait to meet you Ava (and Michele and Brian too)! See you in July.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Phoenix Zoo

We took advantage of the 70 degree temperatures today and headed to the zoo. We heard days like this at the end of May are rare in Phoenix so we figured we should do something fun. For those of you who don't know, my nickname is "Rhino", and mommy and daddy told me that I might find my relatives at the zoo. Well sure enough, and we even got a picture to prove it. Lily got to see one of mommy's favorites too , the Aldabra Tortoises. They were gigantic. Mom and dad decided that next time we go they are going to make us one of the main attractions and charge $5 for everyone who wants to see us. They said we'd be rich! It must be because we're so cute!

Week in Review

We heard a few of you went through withdrawal since we haven't posted in an entire week. We apologize, but it was a very busy week for all of us in the Rivera family. Here are a few photos to sum up our week. Sunday we made our almost weekly trip to Costco. We are finally sitting up in shopping carts now, but we got a little tired and decided to rest. Monday we just hung out at home because Lily was feeling a little under the weather. She decided the day before to vomit all over dad as well as again onto the floor. I don't try to figure her out. Anyway, mom got a shot of us playing together on the floor. Tuesday, we ran to Target and the post office, and then visited Uncle Larry, Aunt Pam, and Braden. Bedtime came early that night, and mom caught Lily showing dad how to make the touchdown signal. She tends to lay like this a lot. Again, I don't try and figure her out. Thursday we were up early to go with mom to her school to watch the teachers play the sixth graders in kickball. We met up with Landen there and then spent the afternoon at a party with all of the teachers to celebrate the end of another school year. That night we went to dinner with mom and dad and a bunch of people from ASU. It was raining and cold that day and we don't often dress like twins, but mom caught us wearing matching jackets. Hopefully this makes up for a week without posts, and again we are sorry!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our First Birthday Party!

Our friend, Landen, turns one on May 26th so we got to go to our first birthday party today! Our friends, Abrielle, Addyson, Abigail, Lillie, and Ella were there. It was fun playing with everyone even though we were the youngest ones there. We tried to take a group picture, but as you can see it was hard to get everyone to sit still. We listened to mom though and stayed put! It's not like we had much choice, we can't get too far very fast yet. It was a fun afternoon though, and Landen loved his cake and the basketball hoop we got him. I even tried to help him unwrap it, but I don't think I was much help. Soon enough we may be able to shoot some hoops with him!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sippy Cups

Mommy let us start using sippy cups filled with water on May 9th. We've been kind of busy so we haven't had a lot of practice. Needless to say we still need some work. We aren't quite sure which way is up all of the time, and getting the spout in our mouth and then having to tip the cup good do you people think we are?!? These sippy cup things are complicated if you ask us. We're having fun trying though!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Wow, a whole day devoted to our mommy. Unfortunately we made her work pretty hard today, so hard that she didn't take any pictures. Hopefully Uncle Larry got some that we can post soon though. We had to be up early this morning so we could get ready for our friend, Braden's, baptism. Of course it fell during our nap time, and the music in church is so much fun to listen to so we couldn't sleep. After the baptism we headed over to Braden's house to party! There were lots of people there so of course when mom and dad put us down for nap time we were too excited to sleep. Then we got to go swimming with all of our friends. It was one busy day, but once we left we slept the entire way home and then after we got home we ate a quick dinner and it was off to bed. At least mommy can say she had a relaxing evening. Happy Mother's Day mom!

Uncle Larry gave us a few pictures. The first one is of us sitting up and performing for everyone and the second is of Grandma Rivero comforting me after I fell and bumped my head.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Today was mommy's birthday and we were supposed to go out to dinner to celebrate, but we had fevers and were tired after getting our immunizations yesterday so we ordered in pizza instead. We were kind of excited because dad said he was ordering a giant chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top to surprise mom, and we were getting pears...yummy...something besides rice cereal and bananas. Well, as you can see from our faces, the pears didn't turn out to be that good after all. I warmed up to them after awhile, but Lily had to mix hers with some oatmeal to finish them. You can't say we didn't try though. We heard sweet potatoes are next. Hopefully we have better luck with those. Stay tuned to find out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 Month Check-up

Mom and dad took us to the dreaded doctor again today for our 6 month immunizations. The doctor always wonders why we won't smile at him...duh! It is called four shots and a drink last time we checked. Mom told us we won't have any shots at our 9 month check-up though so maybe Dr. Mike will get a smile from us at that visit. Everything checked out great otherwise. My neck is getting better, although mom and dad have to keep stretching it for a little while longer. Lily is having night terrors, which may have been passed down from daddy (way to go dad), so they have to try waking her at night before the terrors begin to see if that helps. We get to start eating solids like pears, carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. Finally some variety in our diets. As for our heights and weights here are the stats:

Height: 27 5/8 inches (84%)
Weight: 19 pounds 9 ounces (81%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches (68%)

Height: 26 inches (56%)
Weight: 16 pounds 15 ounces (66%)
Head Circumference: 16.9 inches (61%)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The pool hit 78 degrees today and dad decided it was time to take us swimming for the first time. Mom said it was still too cold for her so she sat on the edge and put her feet in. We got to wear our cool new swimsuits and bundle up in our hooded towels. I tried out my new float too, but was a little unsure of it. It felt much better to be in dad's arms. After swimming we just hung out on the patio. Lily had a snack from her Podee bottle, and dad and I threw the ball in the pool for Wrigley so he could have a turn swimming.