Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ryan's October School Work

The themes for October were fire safety and all things Halloween.  We took a field trip to the Thiensville Fire Department where we were able to climb through the fire trucks and watch a fireman put on all of his gear.  We talked about fire safety at home and counted how many smoke detectors we had.  We got to test them all and then we practiced a real fire drill.  We also worked on the letters H, L, A, and F and the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Another biggie this month was our birthday celebration too.  We received a book from our classmates full of pictures everyone had colored just for us, and Mrs. Stark gave us a certificate and birthday crown.  This year we brought in ice cream cups for a treat and surprised everyone with some special Halloween tattoos.  It was a great month in 4K!

Lily's October School Work


Imagine almost 200 spooky little kids parading through your neighborhood.  Well, that's what happened today as our school made our way around the block for our annual Halloween parade.  It was so much fun being in a parade for once, and I couldn't believe the number of parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents that came just to see us.  After school, Mom picked us up and we headed to Daddy's clinic to check out all of the grown-ups' costumes.  We just love that an entire day is dedicated to playing dress up, and the fact that candy is included is a bonus here in our world!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big "5"!

Today was a pretty special day because it was all about Ryan and Lily, aka the Rhinoceros and the Pie, aka Little Buddy and Stink Pot.  It doesn't matter, whatever names you choose, it was a celebration of all things us!  We received lots of messages today wishing us happy birthday, and the consensus was that people couldn't believe we were already 5.  We'd have to agree, 5 seems like forever in our world, although we think 10 is OLD so I'm not sure we are the best judges.  Our day was great from an ice cream treat at school with all of our friends to dinner with Mom and Dad at B-1 Burgers (the restaurant both Lily and I chose - proof that we can agree sometimes).  After dinner we headed home to open presents and end our first day of being 5!  If the next 364 days go as well as today we think being 5 will be just fine here in our world!    

Sunday, October 28, 2012


This year the weather was perfect for trick-or-treating!  We had on a few layers, but no umbrellas or winter jackets so we were happy little spooks!  The goal this year was to get lots of candy and get it fast.  Good thing I had on my new super fast Iron Man shoes that even lit up to help us find our way.  We ran from door to door getting all the candy we could.  A lot of houses simply left their bowls of candy outside which was nice because then we got to pick our favorite things.  We stopped by one of our favorite houses along our route where little miss Rapunzel scored a hot dog, but I was too busy checking out their magic broom to have time for real food.  Jack and I led the way on our adventure, with Lily following close behind.  She did occasionally take some breaks to ride in her "carriage", but she managed to hop in and out quickly enough to keep up with us.  Peter, Andrew, and Charlotte fared pretty well too, and Nora even managed to make it up to a few doors even though she couldn't have any candy.  After filling our bags we enjoyed some dinner at Susan and Bill's and of course organized all of our candy.  We're getting so good at this that we are already planning for next year!  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunted Hoops

Marquette held its' annual Haunted Hoops tonight so we figured we'd use it as a reason to give our Halloween costumes a trial run.  For the first time ever we weren't scared of the Golden Eagle and we we're ready to have our picture taken with him, but he never made it close enough to us for that to happen...go figure.  We did get to march around the court with our friend, Jayden, at halftime though and high five all of the super duper tall basketball players.  They gathered us all for a group shot, but Mom forgot her camera (for the first time ever I think) so she had to run down with her iphone to get a picture and didn't make it in time to capture the whole group.  You are all in shock I'm sure to hear this devastating news, but if you look closely at the picture she did get, you will find the toughest Iron Man and the most beautiful Rapunzel you have ever seen (I'll give you a hint: we aren't sitting by each other).  After tonight we are fairly confident that with a lot of layers (for warmth) and about one-hundred and ten bobby pins (for Lily's wig) our costumes will work out just fine for trick-or-treating on Sunday! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Slippin' and a Slidin'

It is that time of year again, time for our annual trip to the Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells.  This year was by far the best trip to date for so many reasons.  First off, Gigi and Pop Pop were able to join us on our adventure, and I think we were able to show them just how this Rhino and Lily roll.  We of course convinced both of them to try out some water slides, and I was quite the brave rhinoceros this year going on just about every slide my 40"+ body was allowed to.  It did take a little coaxing to get me up there, but I snuck to top when no one was watching and arrived at the bottom of the giant green slide to a lot of shocked faces and some loud applause.  That sealed the deal, and after that there was no stopping me as I went down slide after slide after slide.  Lily of course needed NO encouragement as she's an old pro at these water slides.  Her goal was to see just how many positions she could manage to get herself into as she made her way to the bottom.  The water park also made some improvements in the past year.  We made sure to try all of the new stuff out with the miniature lazy river being one of our favorites.  This year's trip wasn't all about water either.  Pop Pop and Gigi introduced us to the arcade, which we'll admit took some sweet talking on Pop Pop's part to get us to go.  Upon arrival though we were convinced that it was all about fun...and tickets as we soon found out.  Pop Pop had so much fun going from game to game helping us win tickets, and then we discovered the mother single ball dropping game that spit out so many tickets we could barely hold them all.  Lily was a bit upset when Mom starting feeding the ticket counting machine our tickets, but once she realized toys were the end result she felt much better.  Gigi and Mom also took us for a ride on the giant ferris wheel that was taller than the resort itself.  All of this sliding and ticket collecting made us hungry though and eat we did.  It's a good chance that I put down more food than anyone during dinner on Friday night, and Lily licked her plate clean at breakfast on Saturday.  What a vacation it was, and as we drove away all we could say was "see you next year!"