Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big "5"!

Today was a pretty special day because it was all about Ryan and Lily, aka the Rhinoceros and the Pie, aka Little Buddy and Stink Pot.  It doesn't matter, whatever names you choose, it was a celebration of all things us!  We received lots of messages today wishing us happy birthday, and the consensus was that people couldn't believe we were already 5.  We'd have to agree, 5 seems like forever in our world, although we think 10 is OLD so I'm not sure we are the best judges.  Our day was great from an ice cream treat at school with all of our friends to dinner with Mom and Dad at B-1 Burgers (the restaurant both Lily and I chose - proof that we can agree sometimes).  After dinner we headed home to open presents and end our first day of being 5!  If the next 364 days go as well as today we think being 5 will be just fine here in our world!    

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