Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunted Hoops

Marquette held its' annual Haunted Hoops tonight so we figured we'd use it as a reason to give our Halloween costumes a trial run.  For the first time ever we weren't scared of the Golden Eagle and we we're ready to have our picture taken with him, but he never made it close enough to us for that to happen...go figure.  We did get to march around the court with our friend, Jayden, at halftime though and high five all of the super duper tall basketball players.  They gathered us all for a group shot, but Mom forgot her camera (for the first time ever I think) so she had to run down with her iphone to get a picture and didn't make it in time to capture the whole group.  You are all in shock I'm sure to hear this devastating news, but if you look closely at the picture she did get, you will find the toughest Iron Man and the most beautiful Rapunzel you have ever seen (I'll give you a hint: we aren't sitting by each other).  After tonight we are fairly confident that with a lot of layers (for warmth) and about one-hundred and ten bobby pins (for Lily's wig) our costumes will work out just fine for trick-or-treating on Sunday! 

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