Friday, July 20, 2012

Bay Beach

We made it back to Bay Beach today after two long years. This time around we were a bit braver and a bit taller so we were able to manage a lot of the rides on our own, and we were more willing to try new rides out. We took in a few of our favorites like the race cars and the boats just to get warmed up, but by the end we had tackled the ferris wheel. After careful analysis, we determined that I was now tall enough to ride the bumper cars with Dad. Lily unfortunately missed out by about 1/2", but Mom made up for it by taking Lily to buy popcorn while Dad and I waited in line. We also met up with our old friends, Poky and Willy. If you remember, we rode the exact same ponies two year ago. We even made time for the arcade when we left where I won a red ring and Lily won an army man. It was a busy, but fun few hours. We looking forward to next year when Lily can ride the bumper cars, and we can hopefully try out some more new rides!

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Jackie said...

You didn't mention that the angels were so good at Bay Beach that we added a stop at Farr's for fish and they filled up on the chicken strips!