Friday, October 15, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

Daddy had a convention at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells so we decided to tag along and take advantage of America's largest indoor water park. We were so excited to go swimming since it has been awhile since we've been in a real pool. No one told me that there would be cannons shooting water at us and water falls around every corner trying to douse us with water. Don't get me wrong I loved the water park. My favorite was the water guns where I got to shoot everyone else with water, but when it came to my head getting wet I wasn't thrilled to say the least. Lily on the other hand didn't care what part of her body got wet. She begged Daddy to go through the waterfalls while we floated down the lazy river, and she went down every water slide they'd let her on which was shockingly quite a few considering she isn't the tallest girl in the world. After a few hours Mommy gave me a gentle shove down one of the water slides...I smiled the whole way down, and managed to go down two more times on my own accord, but that was enough for me. I stuck to the swings and had a front row seat to Lily plummeting again and again down all the water slides. The life guards couldn't believe how fearless she was, and Daddy got quite a workout climbing all the stairs so many times. After all that fun we worked up quite an appetite and enjoyed a great dinner with a bunch of moose...literally. We had a fun few days, but we're glad to be back with Wrigs in our red house in Macaroni and Cheese (what we affectionately call Mequon)!

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