Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Farm

Another beautiful day, another fun adventure. We decided to dress in our Halloween best and head to Germantown to visit Jim's Pumpkin Farm. We have no idea who Jim is, but his farm sure was fun. He had a giant corn maze that we liked so much we had to go through it twice. Lots of our friends were in the maze too like Mickey Mouse, The Cat in the Hat, and Elmo. They must have heard we were coming! There was a giant hay box...picture a sand box, but filled with hay. We got a little crazy in there so much so that Lily got hay in her pants and couldn't smile for pictures until Mommy got it out. We loved riding around in the wagon and picking out pumpkins. We of course started loading up the wagon with all the ones we could carry, but Mom explained that we only got to pick two each. We went for the smallest ones we could find, and then Daddy found a big one for us to carve. Mom picked out a few gourds to make it all look beautiful, and then we had to say good-bye to the pumpkin farm until next year. October is off to a spooktacular start here in our world!

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