Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Years Old

We turned the big 3 today, and Mommy and Daddy threw us a pink and orange themed birthday bash. All sorts of family and friends came from near and far to help us celebrate the big event. Our cousin, AJ, was able to celebrate with us too since he turned nine this past Thursday. We loved everything about our day from the pink and orange balloons from Grandma Jackie to the lollipop cakes and treats that Mommy and Gigi made. I loved the treats so much that I was still at the table long after everyone else had finished. I just couldn't let any of it go to waste. Our buddy Jack brought over his bounce house which provided all of us kids with some good old fashioned fun, and then of course there were presents galore. Good weather, good food, and good company made for good times here in our world! Thank you everyone!!!

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