Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Tonight, we experienced our first taste of Trick or Treating in Wisconsin with our friends, Peter and Jack. It was warm enough that you could see our costumes, but we did have to layer with long sleeve shirts and fleeces underneath them. We were told that this was considered good weather, which was new territory for us considering the last time we went Trick or Treating we wore very little clothing (see Halloween 2008 post) and we were hot. Clothing or not, it was still fun, and we of course got way more candy than any three year old needs. We learned a few lessons tonight as well, with the most important being, don't enter the house of a stranger. Mom had to talk to me after the first house because a nice lady with a huge bowl of candy opened the door and I just walked right in...wouldn't you??? A few hours, a hot dog, many suckers, and a bug climbing on Lily later, we called it a night and headed back to Susan and Bill's for some dinner. All in all we'd consider it a success, and we've already decided we're ready to give it another shot next year as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. Happy Halloween!

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Jackie said...

Grandma Jackie thinks that Lily is the cutest princess that she has ever seen...and Ryan is the handsomest train around! AND Jack is a pretty cute Buzz...and that little chicken Peter is nothing but precious...such a beautiful smile!!!! LIFE IS DEFINITELY GOOD IN YOUR WORLD!