Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Week and Counting

We have survived our first week of 4K.  I even made the school website as you can see!  School is a whole new ballgame this year.  We go to a different special (i.e., gym, art, music, technology, library) each day, and we even go to church this year.  We get assigned classroom jobs to help out with Lily and I both being assigned door holder the first week.  This week we start show and tell, which we have every Thursday.  I am bringing my cool angry bird and Lily is bringing her cheesehead since it falls on the day of the Packer/Bears game.  Our color unit started on September 7 and it runs for 11 days.  This is Lily's saving grace since we don't have to be in uniform for these 11 days, instead we get to dress in the color of the day.  She will be devastated when September 24 rolls around and that jumper has to come back out of her closet.  We have gotten used to drop off, and make it to the gym all by ourselves before the bell rings!  It did take Lily a few days to warm up to all of the changes, but we are loving 4K.  We love being able to check out books, work on ipads, and go to specials.  Hopefully the next 30+ weeks are just as exciting as week 1!!!    

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