Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Hurrah

We dropped off our supplies, our uniforms are washed and ready, and we met our teacher so the only logical thing for us to do was to head up north for the long weekend for one last hurrah before school starts. At the last minute AJ decided to join us which made the weekend even more fun. We filled our days with building forts, playing at the beach, driving the jeep ("BEEP BEEP BARBIE JEEP"), visiting the candy store, and we even managed a quick ride to our dock on the neighbor's pontoon. We took the relaxation station out as well so we could swim in the lake, but the trip was short lived after discovering it was slowly sinking due to a hole in the bottom. The weekend also developed into our own episode of animal planet after capturing ten frogs in Lily Lake and Ryan Flowage (the bodies of water we created while at the beach), and discovering a blue spotted salamander in the wood pile. After so much fun we are relaxed and ready for 4K to begin so bring it on!!!

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