Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of 4K

We are officially growing up way too fast according to Mom and Dad, as today we started 4K. This year we are at the same school, Lumen Christi, but we have uniforms. Thank goodness Lily is able to add a little bling to her uniform with hair accessories and sparkly Lelli Kelly shoes or else we may never hear the end of how much she dislikes having to have things tucked in. We also have cool new backpacks that have buckles all over the place which is a good thing in my opinion because it would be terrible if my orange dinosaurs fell off. The morning started with Mom dropping us off bright and early - so early in fact, that she had to wake me up so we wouldn't be late. She was able to walk to our classroom with us, or at least behind us as we took off ready to start our day. The parents got to stay and listen to the story, The Kissing Hand, read by our new teacher, Mrs. Stark. Mom didn't get to listen to much of it though because she was in the hall searching for my backpack with the aide. In all of the excitement I accidentally hung it on my new friend, Roman's hook and his bag was so big it completely covered mine...at least it starts with an "R". She made it back into the room in time for us to give hugs and kisses and say goodbye though.  To be continued...

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