Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We headed to the tree farm today, armed with both of my Home DePot saws, to cut down our Christmas tree. After some hot chocolate and a hayride into the fields, I insisted we walk every inch of the farm to find the perfect tree, but each one I found seemed to be too "prickly". Mom and Dad finally sold me on a beauty so Dad and I got to work cutting it down. Lily was too tired from walking in the mud so she and Mom just stood back and took it all in. After bringing the tree over to get tagged I discovered that the tree farmers drive real life Gators!!! I think they are my new best friends and they even let me sit in it! The tractor soon arrived (and did I mention it was orange!) and took us and our perfect tree back to the car. I already told Mom and Dad that I want to come back to the exact same place again being that they have so many of my favorite things, and now that I've an expert at this next year may be even better (especially if they get a pink tractor for Lily too!). Time to decorate here in our world!!!

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