Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Every Christmas keeps getting better and better. After playing Santa the Superhero and putting out our milk and cookies, Lily quickly yelled good night and basically put herself to bed. I was quick to follow, and I heard Mom and Dad say that they wish it was Christmas every day. Better be careful what you wish for! We didn't wake up any earlier than usual, but as soon as I was up, I ran downstairs to see if Santa had come and sure enough he had. I was nice enough to run upstairs and let everyone else know before tearing into my gifts. Lily welcomed my good news with a "I don't want to talk to you." Guess that's what I get for waking her up, but it was for a good reason which she quickly realized. We soon all headed downstairs and the chaos began. Santa did well again this year getting us almost everything we wanted. He even managed to find me a Brachiosaurus and Lily her Sleeping Beauty movie. We almost made it through the morning unscathed as well, but I managed to step on the shovel I bought Lily and it flew up and hit her in the lip. One fat lip and cold fudge pop later we were good to go! After opening gifts and filling our bellies we headed up to Grandma Jackie's house to celebrate some more. I got cool orange Crocs and Lily got her Playful Pup which she appropriately named Wrigley. We had a blast hanging out with our cousins. Lily and Elizabeth managed to discover every little thing there was to know about Lily's new LeapPad while AJ and I hid in a closet to watch Cars2. Mom and Dad had to leave early to head to Lambeau Field for the Packer/Bears game. Dad left me alone to fend for myself amongst a sea of Packer fans, but I managed to hold my own even though the Packers won. We celebrated Grandma's birthday too with a giant brownie cake that was delicious! The magic of Christmas was definitely in full swing this year here in our world! Merry Christmas everyone!

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