Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Princess and the Race Car

Since there is no school tomorrow we got to celebrate two things today...our birthdays and Halloween. No one was quite sure what to expect for our big birthday celebration today since we are the oldest in our class, thus this is the first party of the year. How cool that everyone got to dress up in costumes for the big day, even though it wasn't necessarily for us. What was for us though were the cool birthday crowns from our teachers (in our favorite colors too) that we got to wear all day, Mom and Dad bringing in birthday cupcakes to share with our class, and each of us standing on our chair (we were informed that this is only allowed for birthdays) so that the class could sing us Happy Birthday! We were pretty quiet while everyone sang, but chimed right back in once our turn was done. I went first since I'm the oldest, and I think Lily was grateful for this. After all of the fun we lined up for the Halloween parade. It was supposed to be outside, hence the picture of us all bundled up, but they decided to have it indoors due to the cold and rain. We loved it nonetheless, and Tiana and Lightning McQueen got lots of practice yelling Happy Halloween!

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