Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adventures in Cedarburg

Today we learned a bit about what our German side of the family is all about by attending German Fest in Cedarburg. There were brats everywhere and we took in our first Glockenspiel which was quite entertaining. Afterwards we stopped by the Cedarburg Fire Station for Fire Safety Month activities. We watched a diver play tic-tac-toe with our friends, Owen and Kyra. We earned badges and hats by putting out a pretend fire (Lily almost didn't earn her hat, but Dad helped her with the hose while she looked the wrong way). We climbed in and out of fire trucks and got to watch them cut someone out of a car. I think I might ask Santa for those tools! After all the hard work we were considered honorary junior firefighters and thought it would be appropriate for Mom and Dad to treat us to some Superman ice cream!!!

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