Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Rubber Ducks

After a busy week, we took a well deserved break in the Waterpark Capital of the World, Wisconsin Dells! We stayed and played at the Kalahari Resort and ended up getting the exact same room we had last year...crazy! Being that we are a year older we were a bit more daring (if that is possible in Lily's case) and went on a few more things. I managed to brave 4 wild water slides, which is 3 more than last year if anyone is counting. I'm still not quite ready to take on the Anaconda, which is the giant yellow one Lily jumped on first chance she could get both this year and last. Lily also stepped up her game and joined Dad on the Rippling Rhino where they took a boat down a giant slide. Dad said she LOVED it the whole way down, but the minute she saw Mom and I at the bottom she pretended like it was horrible. Silly Lily! Lily took every chance she could get to try and practice going underwater, and every time she came up looking like a drowned rat! I was much better this year with getting my head wet so much so that I just kept right on going after a huge bucket of water got dumped on my head. Both Lily and I loved the wave pool this year too, with each of us bobbing around in our inner tubes like little rubber ducks. I also helped out the lifeguards and stacked the empty inner tubes whenever they floated by. We of course made time for some non water related activities like decorating rhinoceros cookies, but we were so excited to get to the water park that I barely finished eating mine and Lily decided she wasn't a fan of sweets. We squeezed in some coloring at dinner on the first night, and I drew Mom a cute little alien. She was so impressed that she took it home with her. All the fun pooped us out though and we were out cold by 7:30 each night which we're sure made Mom and Dad happy campers. I'm thinking next year I might just be big enough to try out the giant water slides, and who knows what Lily might do?!?!

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