Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rainy Halloween

The weather this year was not very cooperative for trick-or-treating. You'd think Mother Nature could have been a bit nicer to us on our actual birthday. I think most kids stayed home, but we (Lily as Tiana and I as Lightning McQueen) decided to bundle up and brave the conditions for some yummy candy! We headed over to the Goggin's house just like last year, but unlike last year there were no good photo ops due to weather. The dads were in charge of wagons, and Mom tried her best to get any photos she could. The one good thing about the rain was that the few houses we did stop at pretty much emptied their candy bowls into our buckets because no one else was as crazy as us. We only stopped at like 5 houses and our buckets were more than halfway filled. We has a blast despite being soggy and cold, and we're so glad Mom and Dad are crazy just like us! Happy Halloween everyone!

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Jackie said...

Grandma thinks Mom got great photos but look what she has to work with! Such angels!