Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to 3K

And so it begins...Silly Lily and the Ridiculous Rhinoceros go to school! Today was our first official day of 3K (preschool or 3 year old kindergarten depending on what you call it). We woke up excited and pretty much stayed that way all day long. Mommy was able to drop us off in our classroom, but she quickly left. Our only comments to her while giving hugs and kisses were "I'll miss you" from Lily, and "See ya later, but you are coming back to pick us up right?!?" by yours truly. Our teacher, Mrs. Otero, quickly outlined the schedule for us, but I had to interrupt when after two activities she still hadn't mentioned snack. I simply said "I heard we eat here, when is snack?" She let me know that it was the third thing we'd do in our action packed morning. With that settled, we got down to business filling our 2 1/2 hours with reading, painting, making necklaces, making meatballs out of play dough, and playing on the playground. Who knew you could get so much accomplished in so little time. We were a little bummed when it came time to leave, but we enjoyed filling Mom in on all that we did and everything everyone else did as well. Lily exclaimed "I love school!" and I wanted to know if I could go to school for 0-0-1 hours (that's my way of saying 100). Mom said her goal was for us to love going to school...mission accomplished! Good thing because we heard we have 20 or so more years of this school thing left. Our first day of school was one amazing adventure here in our world!

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Jackie said...

Time has flown way TOO FAST for Grandma Jackie! I can't believe you are in school already. But you were definitely ready! It is the beginning of one great adventure! Love yah!