Friday, September 16, 2011

Put Me in The Zoo

After breakfast this morning, Mom asked if we wanted to go to the zoo. You all know we are creatures of habit, and we LOVE our structure, but who can resist an impromptu trip to the zoo?!?! We saw all of our favorites, and took in a few new sites along the way. Today's big adventure was the Butterflies Alive exhibit. It is ending next week and we had free tickets so we thought we should go. There were hundreds of butterflies flying all around us. Some even landed on people, which was not okay by me. Lily was hoping to have one land on her, but no luck there...she just couldn't sit still long enough. She had her chance too when a nice zoo lady tried to hand one off to her, but she suddenly decided against it. Oh well! I can't say I was upset when we had to leave the butterflies and I was excited to see all of the other animals. We visited the aviary, which is a bit stinky for me, but Lily taught me how to plug my nose so we made it through successfully. The lion roared at us today because he was protecting his three cubs. I tried to explain to him that Mommy wouldn't let us take them home, but he just wouldn't listen. I found a giant ice cream cone in the barn, and Mom let Lily and I feed the goats today since it was just us. What a good day, and Mom was happy because we asked again to have her take our picture. Oh how we LOVE the zoo here in our world!!!

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