Friday, August 19, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Since I'm the Packer fan I'll be in charge of this one! Tonight, Mom and Dad took us to one of the coolest places on earth, Lambeau Field. Here, the the Green Bay Packers took on the Arizona Cardinals. This was a very appropriate game for us being that we were born in Arizona and now live in Wisconsin, but we of course cheered for the Packers. We both got decked out in our football gear. Unfortunately Ryan's team of choice (aka the Bears) is not liked much at Lambeau, but everyone was very nice to him and we even found a few other Bears fans amongst the crowd (none brave enough to wear their jerseys though). Our suite included two of our favorite snacks, popcorn and pretzels, which we were bummed to learn had to be shared with everyone. We managed to enjoy our fair share though in between slapping high fives and clapping for the Packers. We loved everything Lambeau had to offer from the balloon release to the cheese on top of peoples' heads. It was a great game and our Packers won! Go Pack Go!!!

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Jackie said...

Grandma Jackie is more than willing to get Ryan a PROPER jersey but his father has indoctrinated him and he tells me he doesn't want a Packer jersey...but Ben and AJ claim they will work on him!