Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Bums

It is officially one week until school begins and we are making the most of every single day. It has been a beautiful summer here so we thought we'd enjoy the beach one last time before the temperatures take a nose dive (which in Wisconsin could be any day). Today's adventure led us not too far from home to Tietjen Beach at Doctors Park in Fox Point. We've been to this park before to play on the swing set, but have never ventured down to the beach. Just getting there was fun since you have to walk through the woods. You can hear the waves all the way down, but don't see them until you reach the bottom of the hill which makes it all the more exciting. We had a blast making a sand castle, collecting rocks, and burying our feet in the sand. Mom quickly packed a lunch for us before leaving so we enjoyed a picnic on the beach too! We sure could get used to being beach bums here in our world!

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