Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Up North

We headed up to the cottage to enjoy one of our last weekends of summer before school starts. We always manage to have a good time Up North, and this time was no exception. With rain predicted for Saturday we got in some fishing as soon as we arrived on Friday. Of course the weatherman was wrong yet again, and Saturday was picture perfect. No complaints here though because that just meant more fun for us. After cooking breakfast we headed out to do some more fishing. We couldn't get our poles in the water fast enough for the fish which made it all the more fun! On Saturday, we also made time for cruising in the Jeep and of course a visit to the candy store. We didn't make it there last time we were up so we decided we deserved two treats...a lollipop and ice cream! This made us and our bellies quite happy here in our world!

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