Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We headed up north for what was predicted to be a cool, rainy weekend. Boy, were they wrong. It was sunny and beautiful, and full of adventure of course! We broke out the Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess poles almost immediately and caught quite a few fish. I was real keen on eating them all on day 1, but by day 2 I was all about catch and release. Grandpa Wayne would have been proud of me as I pulled in a bunch of Bluegills, a Northern, and a Bass. Lily caught her fair share of Bluegills as well. When asked how big our fish were, Lily was honest, but I learned quickly to make them about 6 inches longer than they actually were. Mom explained that when fishing it is sometimes okay to lie. We made our standard journey to the candy store picking up some yummy lollipops. We also managed to explore every square inch of the cottage and surrounding woods. We found a great balance beam out back, and used paper towel rolls as telescopes. We were also loving the dandelions, and now that we've blown the tops off of all 500 of them we can't wait to see how many there will be when we head back up in a few weeks. Another great trip in the books here in our world!

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