Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birth-Mother's Day

This weekend was all about Mom in our house. Not only was it Mother's Day today, but yesterday was Mom's birthday! Talk about a double whammy. Ms. Heather, Daddy's office coordinator, helped us celebrate the occasions by doing office crafts (see the hand bouquet) and by taking us to Sendiks to get Mommy some birthday balloons. I think the balloons were more for us than for Mom though, but Mom didn't seem to mind sharing them. The rest of the celebrations were pretty low key with the most exciting part for us being the soccer game between Lily and me and Daddy. Mommy was the cheerleader and official photographer since she sprained her ankle last Friday and she can't walk very well, much less run. We all managed to have a little fun though and I think Mommy enjoyed her Birth-Mother's Day celebrations.

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