Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bun Bun

You may call it a security blanket, a lovey, or a blankey...I affectionately call mine Bun Bun. Shortly after turning one I felt it necessary to take my bunny everywhere. I've had him since birth, but it took me a little over 12 months to realize just how special he is. Over the past two years I've weaned myself to nap time, bed time, and a few special occasions. It used to be quite traumatic when Mom would ask to wash Bun Bun, but I've learned that he needs baths just like the rest of us. Bun Bun has been left in stores (we obviously turned around to get him), flown on airplanes, and visited six states. He has lost a little fluff over the years, but he still feels good when I give him big hugs. I love my Bun Bun!

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