Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink and Orange Christmas Trees

14 days until Christmas...Lily has wanted a pink Christmas tree for her room since we first started talking about Christmas this year so I decided an orange tree for my room would be nice as well. Today, Gigi and Pop Pop surprised us, and delivered little Christmas trees for each of us with what else but pink and orange ornaments. There was also an assortment of character ornaments, and Lily fell in love with the Cogsworth ornament from Beauty and the Beast. She loves it so much that she is sleeping with it. She also loves her new Christmas tiara Gigi brought, and we both love the candy we discovered in the stocking ornaments on our trees. The end result, once we were done decorating, turned out to be two pretty cool Christmas trees that we love looking at. Christmas just keeps getting better and better here in our world!

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