Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas is here! We woke up early this morning to ask Mom if Santa had come. We were too scared to go downstairs because we thought we might run into him. We made Mom go peek and once the coast was clear we made a beeline for the family room. Santa managed to get us everything we asked for including my orange seal. I was a little bummed it wasn't a soft orange seal, but all the tricks he can do make up for that. After we helped everyone (even Wrigley) open their gifts it was time for the party to begin. We've been busy all morning trying everything out. While Lily was putting princess stickers on her new boom box, Dad was helping me ride my new bike around the dining room table. Then it was time to load up the Gator with all of our presents, and then we decided to take our new puppets to the beach. The fun never ends here in our world!

P.S. Santa apparently likes both white and chocolate milk!

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