Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Zoo Adventure

Today 6 mommies and 11 1/2 kids took on the Milwaukee Zoo. We met up with old friends (Jack, Peter, Brady, Tyson, Lacey, London, Manny) and new friends (Nora and Luke) to take in all of the animal sights. We made for quite a procession considering Peter was the only one who stayed in his stroller the entire time. We were running like tigers, swinging like orangutans, and climbing like chimpanzees the whole time we were there. The aquatic and reptile center was the big hit today, with the vibrating chairs coming in a close second even though all the mommies said every chair in the zoo was broken. We had fun nonetheless and overheard Mommy telling the other mommies that we are going back next week to ride the train and carousel with Daddy so we can't complain here in our world!

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