Friday, July 21, 2017

Mount St. Helens

After a quick breakfast in our room, our first full day led us to Ms. Erin's house where we met Mr. Ben, Zoe, Ruby, and Piper. After introductions, and coffee for Mom and Dad, we headed to Washington and the Ape Caves and Lava Canyon at Mount St. Helens. We stopped for lunch in Cougar, WA, since we knew we'd workup an appetite on our hikes. A Sasquatch kept watch over us as we ate, and Lily expressed her displeasure in this by spanking him before we left. Our first hike took us underground into complete darkness to explore lava tubes formed by lava flows over the centuries. The second hike took us across a suspension bridge and past a waterfall. Two very different and amazing perspectives of what a volcanic eruption can result in. After driving back to Portland we relaxed for a bit before meeting back up with Ms. Erin and Mr. Ben for dinner. Then it was off to bed so we could be ready for our Saturday adventures!

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