Saturday, July 29, 2017

Maxwell - Eleven Months

Only one more month before this little man turns the big 1! He continues to crawl everywhere and he is fast!  He can stand unassisted for a little while and cruising along the furniture is an is more like an all out sprint. He has taken a few unassisted single steps, but isn't yet walking per say. We all think he can walk, but he just doesn't realize it yet. Everyone continues to tell us he is the happiest baby on earth and we can't disagree. He does cry a bit more now when Mom isn't around, but he'll learn soon enough that it is okay. He also screams a bit when told to wait, but is slowly learning the meaning of patience. He is mainly in 18 month clothing now, but squeezing into a few summer 12 month items mainly because Mom refuses to buy new stuff since summer is coming to an end. He is still very food driven, but we did find one item he doesn't care for, scrambled eggs. It isn't that he won't eat them, it's more of the face he makes when he does eat them. Hanging out with his big brother and big sister continues to be a favorite activity. He can now blow kisses, give high fives, and wave. We just love teaching him new things everyday! A new favorite we are working really hard on is talking. His first word this past month was "dada" and what sounds like some version of "hi" or "hey". He also says "Lily" or "Harley"...we aren't sure which one quite yet, or if it is both, but it is obvious that one of their names is being uttered. With only one month to go we have confidence that more big things are in the works in Maxwell's world!

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