Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vacation - Day 3

Today's adventures led us to the outlet mall, a hidden burger joint, the hotel pool, the beach, and a yummy dinner to celebrate the New Year.  A morning walk down to the beach led to the discovery of a few seashells and some Hermit crabs.  We didn't stay long, but made it back for sunset to play a bit in the Atlantic Ocean, and leave a few messages for everyone as we say goodbye to 2014.  In the afternoon we convinced daddy to swim with us even though it was only in the 50's!  The pool was heated, and plenty warm enough for us to swim like little fish for over an hour.  Afterwards we headed out for dinner at The Black Marlin where we indulged in Strawberry Daiquiris, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate lava cake to celebrate.  Happy New Year y'all!!! 

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