Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

We slept in a bit this morning which was unexpected being that we couldn't contain our excitement last night.  The minute I woke up though I flew into Mom's and Dad's room whispering (as loud as I could) that it was Christmas morning and everyone needed to get up!  We even had to wake Lily up which is unheard of!  As we got downstairs there were signs everywhere that Santa had come!   Our elves left us notes saying good-bye, Santa left a note thanking us for the carrots and cookies, and then under the tree were tons of boxes wrapped in red with mine and Lily's name on them.  We couldn't hold back any longer and we tore into our presents.  We both got lots of great stuff including golf clubs for me, and a new iPad case for Lily.  We were so excited to exchange our gifts with each other as well with Lily getting me the Star Wars Hot Wheels car set and me getting her a hair a body salon kit (high fives all around for a job well done)!  We had smiles all morning long as each gift was exactly what we wanted.  Wrigley even got in on the action opening a few presents of his own.  Without a doubt this has been a Merry Christmas!!!

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