Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas Eve was a low key affair since our friends the Eugene's moved to Virginia.  We started the evening at church, and then came home to watch Elf and eat dinner.  As the night wore on we became more and more excited.  We tracked Santa on Norad, and prepared our plate of cookies and carrots.  Santa is one lucky guy being that we gave up our dolphin and rhinoceros cookies just for him!  We each received a special video message from Santa as well which revealed his final decision on whether we were naughty or nice.  We'll admit we were a bit nervous about this, but when we saw the green light flash all was good!!!  When Mom and Dad announced it was time for bed, we rushed upstairs as fast as we could, and within no time we were fast asleep.  We take this getting ready for Santa stuff pretty serious, and being that this is our eighth Christmas we have it all down pat!

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